Although social media is a major strategy that many great companies are using for their marketing strategy, many organizations have taken time to warm up to Instagram. However, there has been consistent growth in the number of companies that have included Instagram in their marketing since its inception in 2010.You will do yourself injustice if you are left behind in this revolution.

Here is why you should greatly consider incorporating Instagram into your company’s marketing strategy:

  • Get a wider audience

You now have greater chances to capture the vast millennial generation. Instagram is very compelling to the young generation because of its picture-platform strength. Fact is, this is the generation that lives on quick fixes. They do not spend time to read long articles or descriptions. Through getting Instagram followers, you can be able to capture their attention in a fast, effective way through images and straightforward messages.

  • Connect with your audience

Capturing emotions is the backbone of effective marketing. Images have a way of capturing feelings and portraying personality, which makes the audience easily connect with a brand if the message is portrayed right. Better still, with the introduction of videos on Instagram, you can add a voice to your message.

Instagram does not only work for products. It is still a great platform if your company offers services. You can post images or videos of interesting moments with your team or even featuring satisfied customers. There is no limit to creativity when it comes to photography and videos in marketing.

  • Drive traffic to your website and blog

Unfortunately, Instagram does not have easy options of sharing and directing traffic to your site as easily as the other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You will need to add a little more effort in driving people to your site by pasting URL’s in your bio. However, it has been proven that Instagram captures clients who are more loyal.

While you can get more people to see the link of your site through other social media platforms, you have higher chances to get clients who will actually buy what you’re selling through Instagram. Moreover, potential clients have to go through more loops to be able to get more information on your product or service – these tend to be the more willing and serious people who end up being your loyal customers.

  • Ability to track your ROI

You can now measure your advertising results from Instagram through Statigram. Not many people are aware of this useful and effective site. You now do not have any valid reason to validate not using Instagram if you are results-oriented.

  • Great options for engaging users

Through Instagram, you can create fun competitions like photo contests. It is usually not easy to involve potential customers in contests that will promote your brand. This has been made easier by this fun, photographic social media platform.

Instagram is growing to arguably be the best social media platform to create an interesting brand for your company that the public can easily connect with. Activating your company’s Instagram account will be a great way to revamp your marketing strategy this year.

Michael Smith is an independent social media manager who has worked with over forty companies across the US.

5 Reasons You Should Include Instagram In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy
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