The world is your oyster, and nowhere else is this more true than on the Internet. Now, more than ever, business owners have more options available to them in the way of marketing and branding themselves; and the good news is that you don’t have to spend any money on it (if you don’t want to). That being said, the following are five fantastic ways to be found on the World Wide Web:

5 Ways to Be Found on the WWW:

  1. Facebook- At first it was just something that college kids did to keep in touch with each other and post ridiculous pictures from “last night’s party”. However, the “face” of FB has changed over time to now include people’s family member and business associates. Business owners can take advantage of what FB has to offer by the way of RSS feeds that automatically post in your profile as well as the creation of fan groups as well as fan pages, both of which can then be posted on your website or elsewhere.
  2. Twitter- I still get made fun of by my boyfriend for using Twitter, but it’s an excellent way to network with other people and make business connections. I’ve, personally, been offered really great advice from reputable people within my own niche via Twitter. Besides this, you can also include a link to your company’s website in your profile as well as work a little magic so that your blog posts automatically get “tweeted”. It’s a great resource.
  3. Guest Posts- Guest posting is something that people don’t take nearly enough advantage of. If you are buddies with someone on the Net who has a decent blog following, why not ask if you can guest post? In return, perhaps you could mention their site on your blog or do some sort of a link exchange, etc.  This is a great way to introduce yourself to an audience that you may have not had the opportunity to interact with in the past.
  4. Create a Widget- Widgets are those cute little icons that you typically see on a person’s site in the top right corner, bottom right corner- or pretty much wherever they want to stick ‘em. They’re neat looking because they are less bulky than PPC or google ads, and they can provide readers with a quick link to other cool stuff that you’re doing.
  5. YouTube or Vimeo- Viral is definitely the way to pick up some steam and get noticed FAST. However, there is one catch. What you say during your video either has to be really great or pretty darn awful or just plain shocking in order to elicit the type of magnanimous response that you were hoping for. So, just keep this in mind.
5 Ways To Be Found On The Www
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