This is part of a series that I am doing weekly on “Favorite FREE SEO Tools.” I encourage comments on the tools that are featured each week.

Please comment as follows:

1) Comment on the Tool that is featured.
2) Mention a similar Tool that you use that you like just as good or better.
3) Please do not simply link to Aaron Wall’s SEO Tools Page (just an example) and say, “Check out all these “FREE SEO Tools” by Aaron Wall.”

I hope you don’t mind me setting up the simple 3 step guideline above to keep the comments focused on just the tool being mentioned or other very similar tools.

Quintura is the featured tool this week. With this tool, you can find like keywords and dig, dig, dig even deeper.

Here’s a screen shot using the word “Real Estate” as the search phrase.

Notice the words surrounding “Real Estate:”Agent, Company, Services, Brokers, Listings, Commercial, etc. In other words, the tool is suggesting “Real Estate Agent,” “Real Estate Company,” etc. Notice what happens when I click on Company…the words change. Also, notice that the word “Mortgage” shows up:

Mortgage has to do with “Real Estate.” Then, notice below what happens when I click on “Mortgage.”

Can you see how Quintura can help you expand your keyword horizons?

Favorite Free Seo (Search Engine Optimization) Tools
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