It amazes me how many people in the tech world like to speak Geek to potential clients. I’m guessing that they do it to impress and to appear knowledgeable, but it usually turns a potential client into someone who feels like an idiot. I wouldn’t want to do business with someone who makes me feel like an idiot… would you?

Plain English gets us way more business than Geek speak. Yeah, sure, there are times when we speak Geek speak to someone who has some knowledge about the topic. But in many cases, they have read some Geek speak article somewhere and have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. On the other hand, some potential clients have too much knowledge for their own good. We like leaving these for the Geek speaker SEO’s to deal with not us.

In closing, here’s two simple examples.

Geek Speak: Your site is coded in Dream Weaver using tables and we need to transition it to CSS and XHTML while limiting the use of Javascript. We suggest doing a new PSD Mock for you to review in order for us to put a new skin on your website. We’d also like to change your pages from .htm to .php and potentialy need to set up a MySql database to dynamically generate data. Oh, and by the way your URL query strings are all screwed up and we need to rename them to something more SEO friendly with 301 or 302 redirects. With the redirects, we need to speak with our Geek speak programmers on using a 301 or 302. In addition to all this, we need to update your meta tags, provide more internal and external linking using anchor text while balancing the optimization of the on page content. It’s really important that your on page SEO and off page SEO be completed properly. We’ll be able to give you a better idea of all this after doing a site command in Google, running a backlink analysis on your site and your competitors sites.  We will also check the anchor text of the backlinks. Finally, Mr. Totally Lost by Now Client, we’ll do an XML sitemap for the major search engines.

Translation: Us: “Here’s what we will do in KINDERGARTEN ENGLISH.” Client: “Oh, I get it. When can you start?”

Seo Geek Speak – I Can Speak Geek…Can You?
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