The landscape of internet marketing shifted when social media became very popular. Personal and business users are now leaving more digital footprints, and interacting with each other in (almost) real-time through social networks. Social media marketing became an interesting new internet marketing instrument to explore. The big question remains the same: which should you master first, SEO or social media marketing?

An Interesting Relationship

There is an interesting relationship between social media marketing and SEO. One cannot reach its full potential without the other. At the core of both internet marketing instruments are the contents you have on your site. Social media has a lot of impact on search engine rankings, while SEO can be very useful for better social networking performance.

As you can see, the relationship between social media marketing and SEO is an interesting one indeed. On one hand, you have the content of your site, fully optimized for better search engine rankings. A content or a page on your site will act as the anchor of both campaigns; it is where all users go to find out more about the topic.

On the other hand, you have social media and the users interacting with you through your social media pages. They share your content, have conversations about it and even engage you or your brand in live discussions. Social media marketing builds a community around your brand and adds sustainability to the marketing campaign in general.

So, which is more important?

Again, the answer to this question is simply: both. One isn’t more important than the other. In fact, both internet marketing instruments complement each other unlike anything before. The two work really well with each other; so well that you can optimize for both in one very fluid sweep.

When writing a title for your article, for instance, you can integrate the main keyword you are targeting for SEO. At the same time, you can keep the title short and catchy enough for it to be effective on social media. The same goes for the content itself. Search engine crawlers now prioritize readable content that users can quickly scan through. This type of content, interestingly, is also what social media users are looking for.

Let’s not forget that a lot of users are now using social networks to search for information. Instead of searching through Google, many now go to Twitter or Facebook to find something. Combining both SEO and social media marketing will give you the best results.

The Concept of Social SEO

In simple words, you need both. They are complimentary – very much so, in fact – and can be used to reach new heights as far as internet marketing goes. In fact, we’re seeing something a lot of experienced experts call social SEO, a modern concept where a site is optimized for both search engines and social networks.

If there’s a time to start incorporating these two instruments into your internet marketing strategy, it is now. Work with the top search engine marketing agency near you, formulate the right strategy and enjoy the immense benefit of doing SEO and social media marketing effectively.

Seo Or Social Media Marketing: Which Should You Master First?
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