How do you go about making a video “go viral” by using Twitter?

You don’t.

You may have heard about famous “viral videos,” such as the classic Honda Accord Ad that received millions of views with its fascinating Rube Goldberg machine. The premise: by investing in high-quality content on the front end, you get people to spread your message for you. If you’re not familiar with viral videos, check out this Mashable post about the top viral videos from 2010.

Unfortunately, a number of marketers still seem to get this fundamentally wrong, and you can commonly see it happening on Twitter. The misconception: Twitter makes videos (and other content) go viral. It doesn’t. Twitter is simply a platform wherein users can easily spread viral content (and ignore non-viral content).

Either your content is viral or it isn’t. That said, here is a possible strategy for increasing the likelihood of making a video go viral, using SEO and Twitter as content-generating tools. Give it a try.

  1. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to find search-engine friendly keywords. Type in a phrase or two related to your area of expertise, and see what it spits out. Pick out a phrase with at least 1,000 local searches per month and a low “competition” number.
  2. Do a search on Twitter to find out what’s getting re-tweeted on your subject. For example, if you want to do a video about ice cream, look to see what people are saying about ice cream on Twitter. Re-tweets are a good indicator of what’s likely to spread. For example, I searched for “viral video” on Twitter before writing this blog post and found that this Jennifer Aniston water promo had received 10 recent re-tweets. I don’t even really like the video, but it worked.

Those two steps are enough to get started. Pick out some strong keywords, put them in your post title, tweet the post, and see what happens. Check Google and see how your post ranks. You should also check out  Timothy Ferriss’s blog post about generating re-tweets.

Twitter Seo: Make A Viral Video For Your Business
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