If you’ve read even one “how to” document on blogging, you no doubt understand the value of outbound linking.

Most new website owners and bloggers that I talk to are hesitant to link out. They are afraid that they will lose readers by sending them off to other websites that have greater value to them.

There are plenty SEO benefits of outbound linking, though some warn that too much outbound linking can hinder your ranking.

But in my opinion, the value of outbound linking runs much deeper than the technical.

4 Non-Technical Reasons Why Outbound Links are So Important

Linking Out Implies Confidence…

Outbound linking requires confidence, and confidence is attractive. It’s kind of like a relationship. You can’t keep someone there by trapping them in the house, blindfolding them to the opportunities out there. Instead, you’ve got to consistently work hard at providing value in the relationship to earn the readership.

We Humans Love to Take Action…

Humans love to take action, to push buttons, try things. We don’t get online to sit and read. We get online to explore, to find new things, to take action. A page with outbound links just looks and feels more exciting than a page of straight text.

Links Help Define the Purpose of the Post for Easy Reading

When we read online, we automatically look for links to help us decipher the main idea of the page. Think about it – you do it too! A post or a page of content without outbound links is just kind of boring.

A Great Way to Meet New Friends

If you link to an active blogger in your post, they will certainly notice the incoming link and come back to visit your page. What a great way to meet new people and introduce them to your blog.

Where to Find Interesting, Relevant Blogs and Posts

So how do you find new blogs to link to? You’ll want to link out to lots of different blogs, not just those that you read or are familiar with. Here are some ideas.

Google Blog Search

Google allows you to search for terms only within blogs. This is useful for find specific conversations about the topic you are writing about.

My Blog Log

My Blog Log allows you to search for blogs based on topic. This is useful for meeting new blogs in various industries to spark ideas for blog posts and of course, link to.

What is Your Experience?

How has outbound linking helped you? Have any of your blogging friendships begin with an outbound link? How do you find new blogs to link to?

Where To Find New Blogs To Link To And Why Outbound Links Are So Important
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