Coming Up On Cbg: Seo Podcast Show Every Wednesday

Fred and David have just launched a new program called SEO Podcast Show in which they will share various online and offline marketing and business growth tips and advice.  The site will include advice and information related to SEO but will also discuss issues beyond the SEO realm.

Beginning next week, David and Fred will be doing 5 to 10 minute Audios on the go and posting them every Wednesday about various online and offline topics.  The approach should be interesting because many of the audios will be recorded as David or Fred is driving (lapel mic and portable MP3 recorder).

Tune in next week for the launch of this new podcast and make sure that you bookmark it and/or subscribe to the RSS !

Where To Find New Blogs To Link To And Why Outbound Links Are So Important

If you’ve read even one “how to” document on blogging, you no doubt understand the value of outbound linking.

Most new website owners and bloggers that I talk to are hesitant to link out. They are afraid that they will lose readers by sending them off to other websites that have greater value to them.

There are plenty SEO benefits of outbound linking, though some warn that too much outbound linking can hinder your ranking.

But in my opinion, the value of outbound linking runs much deeper than the technical.

4 Non-Technical Reasons Why Outbound Links are So Important

Linking Out Implies Confidence…

Outbound linking requires confidence, and confidence is attractive. It’s kind of like a relationship. You can’t keep someone there by trapping them in the house, blindfolding them to the opportunities out there. Instead, you’ve got to consistently work hard at providing value in the relationship to earn the readership.

We Humans Love to Take Action…

Humans love to take action, to push buttons, try things. We don’t get online to sit and read. We get online to explore, to find new things, to take action. A page with outbound links just looks and feels more exciting than a page of straight text.

Links Help Define the Purpose of the Post for Easy Reading

When we read online, we automatically look for links to help us decipher the main idea of the page. Think about it – you do it too! A post or a page of content without outbound links is just kind of boring.

A Great Way to Meet New Friends

If you link to an active blogger in your post, they will certainly notice the incoming link and come back to visit your page. What a great way to meet new people and introduce them to your blog.

Where to Find Interesting, Relevant Blogs and Posts

So how do you find new blogs to link to? You’ll want to link out to lots of different blogs, not just those that you read or are familiar with. Here are some ideas.

Google Blog Search

Google allows you to search for terms only within blogs. This is useful for find specific conversations about the topic you are writing about.

My Blog Log

My Blog Log allows you to search for blogs based on topic. This is useful for meeting new blogs in various industries to spark ideas for blog posts and of course, link to.

What is Your Experience?

How has outbound linking helped you? Have any of your blogging friendships begin with an outbound link? How do you find new blogs to link to?

My Favorite Online Press Release Distribution Resources For Seo And Exposure

I spend a good portion of my time fine-tuning the process of writing and submitting SEO press releases, and am continuously evaluating new resources and new techniques. When sizing up SEO press release distribution points, there are a few key factors that are the mark of a valuable resource:


  • Anchor text (the ability to embed links back to your site in target keywords)
  • Live http:// links (second best to anchor text)


  • Forced distribution to a wide audience
  • Inclusion in Google or Yahoo News
  • Ability to include an image

Each distribution point has its own best attributes. I’ve found that in order to get the best results, it’s better to submit to a variety of different resources.

That said; here are my top picks for press release distribution sources:

It is quite a lengthy process to submit a press release to all of these distribution points, but well worth the effort. If you’re doing it yourself, be sure to read through each site’s policies very carefully to ensure publication. Also, you’ll want to carefully analyze your SEO strategy before submitting so that you get the most value from every link back to your website.

Need an SEO press release? Hey, we do that too! It’s all part of our ethical search engine optimization plan.

How To Improve Your Website’S User Experience

The competition for dominance in search engines results, on social media and via other forms of marketing has never been stiffer. Particularly for those who are focused on prime elements of SEO, it has never been more important to please search engine algorithms in order to ensure optimal results. User experience is important for many different reasons. Not only will a bad user experience result in less return traffic and engagement, but it will also diminish search engine rankings. As search engines have shifted toward algorithms that directly and indirectly measure user experience, the two are now intrinsically linked. Today, we’ll discuss a few simple ways in which you can improve user experience and therefore improve SEO.

Optimise Page Speed

In a world where instant gratification is increasingly becoming the norm, overall page speed matters to visitors and customers. Websites that take too long to load will often lose a lot of valuable traffic, but search engines also take this fundamental metric into account. There are many different ways to assess overall page speed, but Google offers its own PageSpeed Insights utility that can provide webmasters with critical information on how their pages stack up against the competition. This tool also provides a comprehensive improvement assessment of the website, which can be used to figure out which areas and elements of the site are slowing down overall speeds. Armed with this information, you can quickly make changes to ensure that user experience is improved.

Employ Calls to Action

User experience can take many different forms. One prime area in which user experience should be augmented is in your marketing and content pitches. A call to action (CTA) helps increase engagement, improves conversions, reduces bounce rates and otherwise satisfies visitors. All of these elements can be directly or indirectly interpreted by search engines as positive user experience. Ensuring that users spend more time and click more links on your website is crucial not only to SEO, but to overall brand awareness, content marketing goals and user experience. There are many inspirational ideas for calls to action that can be used to improve overall page design and please search engines.

Augment User Accessibility

Website accessibility is critical in ensuring that visitors from all walks of life can adequately use your website. Google, for instance, has recently stated that websites without responsive design will begin to see their visibility effectively reduced due to prioritisation in their algorithms. As more and more mobile users emerge around the world, search engines are focused on ensuring that searchers can find exactly what they need – and in a format that is legible and usable to them. Believe it or not, a sizeable percentage of internet users face some personal or technological limitation that impedes their ability to see, read, hear or otherwise engage with your website.

By serving as many people as possible via optimal user accessibility standards, you’ll boost user experience and search engine favourability simultaneously. It’s also just good common sense for brands that want to sell as many products or convert as many visitors as possible.

Seo Book By Aaron Wall Lauched My Seo Career

Several years ago I built my first website and realized very quickly that without traffic… having a website was pointless. That sparked my quest for how to get visitors to a website.

One of the very first resources that I came across was SEO Book by Aaron Wall which at the time sold for $39 and had about 125 pages. Today, it sells for $79 and has over 325 pages. Aaron has utilized his fantastic e-Book to establish himself as one of the top SEO Experts in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

The eBook by Aaron was a key element in launching my own SEO career. Thanks to a $39 investment along with many hours of trial and error, I have since made thousands upon thousands of dollars in the field of Search Engine Optimization.

Aaron’s book alone will not be the only SEO Tool that you will need, but it will help you get well on your way to understanding the wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization.

Internet Marketing Tips

Internet marketing is evolving rapidly, and this is especially true since the advent of social networking sites. Also, since the birth of broadband and fast Internet Speed, internet marketing is now more sophisticated, with audio, video and high resolution images being increasingly used on websites.

Before marketing a business you need to make sure that you’ve done your research regarding what product or service you are looking to market. If it’s not something people want, then it doesn’t matter how good your marketing skills are – you are doomed to failure.

A website is really the first thing to consider when it comes to marketing your business online. If you have no website describing what you do it’ll be hard for your business to be taken seriously. A domain name is also a must, and sites that offer free hosting should be avoided, as they will give the impression that you are not a fully-fledged business. Your business name should also be in the domain name itself. An easy way of promoting your website/business is to make sure that your web address is on every email you send out, and is included on your social networking profiles.

Engaging content is important in persuading people who are visiting your website to buy your products or use your service. If you are a business with many competitors it’s crucial to make sure that visitors to your website will want to visit it again. Interesting content can also drive traffic in great numbers. For a business selling guitars, then articles about guitars will pull guitar enthusiasts in. It will also give the impression that the people running the business are knowledgeable, which, in turn, will improve the chance of sales.

Promoting your business can be done through paid for advertising, but you can market your business or services for free using social media. A good way to raise the profile of a business is to create a ‘Like’ page on Facebook. When someone has liked a page it will then appear on that person’s profile page, so, consequently, you are getting free advertising. If the people who like your page have hundreds, or even thousands, of friends, then the potential of how many people you can reach becomes enormous. This is just one example of getting the name of your business known through using social media – and at no cost.

Seo Geek Speak – I Can Speak Geek…Can You?

It amazes me how many people in the tech world like to speak Geek to potential clients. I’m guessing that they do it to impress and to appear knowledgeable, but it usually turns a potential client into someone who feels like an idiot. I wouldn’t want to do business with someone who makes me feel like an idiot… would you?

Plain English gets us way more business than Geek speak. Yeah, sure, there are times when we speak Geek speak to someone who has some knowledge about the topic. But in many cases, they have read some Geek speak article somewhere and have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. On the other hand, some potential clients have too much knowledge for their own good. We like leaving these for the Geek speaker SEO’s to deal with not us.

In closing, here’s two simple examples.

Geek Speak: Your site is coded in Dream Weaver using tables and we need to transition it to CSS and XHTML while limiting the use of Javascript. We suggest doing a new PSD Mock for you to review in order for us to put a new skin on your website. We’d also like to change your pages from .htm to .php and potentialy need to set up a MySql database to dynamically generate data. Oh, and by the way your URL query strings are all screwed up and we need to rename them to something more SEO friendly with 301 or 302 redirects. With the redirects, we need to speak with our Geek speak programmers on using a 301 or 302. In addition to all this, we need to update your meta tags, provide more internal and external linking using anchor text while balancing the optimization of the on page content. It’s really important that your on page SEO and off page SEO be completed properly. We’ll be able to give you a better idea of all this after doing a site command in Google, running a backlink analysis on your site and your competitors sites.  We will also check the anchor text of the backlinks. Finally, Mr. Totally Lost by Now Client, we’ll do an XML sitemap for the major search engines.

Translation: Us: “Here’s what we will do in KINDERGARTEN ENGLISH.” Client: “Oh, I get it. When can you start?”

Seo Or Social Media Marketing: Which Should You Master First?

The landscape of internet marketing shifted when social media became very popular. Personal and business users are now leaving more digital footprints, and interacting with each other in (almost) real-time through social networks. Social media marketing became an interesting new internet marketing instrument to explore. The big question remains the same: which should you master first, SEO or social media marketing?

An Interesting Relationship

There is an interesting relationship between social media marketing and SEO. One cannot reach its full potential without the other. At the core of both internet marketing instruments are the contents you have on your site. Social media has a lot of impact on search engine rankings, while SEO can be very useful for better social networking performance.

As you can see, the relationship between social media marketing and SEO is an interesting one indeed. On one hand, you have the content of your site, fully optimized for better search engine rankings. A content or a page on your site will act as the anchor of both campaigns; it is where all users go to find out more about the topic.

On the other hand, you have social media and the users interacting with you through your social media pages. They share your content, have conversations about it and even engage you or your brand in live discussions. Social media marketing builds a community around your brand and adds sustainability to the marketing campaign in general.

So, which is more important?

Again, the answer to this question is simply: both. One isn’t more important than the other. In fact, both internet marketing instruments complement each other unlike anything before. The two work really well with each other; so well that you can optimize for both in one very fluid sweep.

When writing a title for your article, for instance, you can integrate the main keyword you are targeting for SEO. At the same time, you can keep the title short and catchy enough for it to be effective on social media. The same goes for the content itself. Search engine crawlers now prioritize readable content that users can quickly scan through. This type of content, interestingly, is also what social media users are looking for.

Let’s not forget that a lot of users are now using social networks to search for information. Instead of searching through Google, many now go to Twitter or Facebook to find something. Combining both SEO and social media marketing will give you the best results.

The Concept of Social SEO

In simple words, you need both. They are complimentary – very much so, in fact – and can be used to reach new heights as far as internet marketing goes. In fact, we’re seeing something a lot of experienced experts call social SEO, a modern concept where a site is optimized for both search engines and social networks.

If there’s a time to start incorporating these two instruments into your internet marketing strategy, it is now. Work with the top search engine marketing agency near you, formulate the right strategy and enjoy the immense benefit of doing SEO and social media marketing effectively.

5 Excellent Tips To Grow Your Business On Google

Google is by far the best and the biggest search engine in the world with billions of unique visits every month. It’s a dream of every business owner to dominate Google search results and see off the threats posed by the competitors. Your aim of placing your business on top can get achieved by having a systematic approach giving importance to highly-effective values.

If you have a plan to grow your business on Google, below are some important steps to follow:

Have an Online Identity

Yes, you need start with an online identity for your business, and that starts with a domain name created for your brand. You can design a website keeping your business requirements in mind and the customers as well. Make it look professional and also user-friendly. Choose effective color combinations and easy navigation options to enhance the visitor experiences.

Search Engine Optimization

It’s not a big deal to understand that if you want to get best out of Google results, you have to optimize your business website accordingly. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process where you perform several things that help you improve your website’s visibility by staying under the search engines rules. There are white hat and black hat SEO services and be aware and stick with only white hat techniques; white hat SEO tips provide you with quality results while practicing black hat SEO tactics get your website penalized.

Manage Online Reputation

Online reputation is vital for any business as it can make or break your entire business promotion efforts. Nowadays, when a person is in need to know about a product or service before buying it, he tends to go online and look for more information from different sources. So if the customers are looking to learn more about your business product or service, you should confirm that your online reputation is intact to impress the clients.

Online reviews and user comments are what all greatly determine or contribute to the overall impression of business among the viewers. There are all possibilities for a business to have both positive and negative reviews and below we can discuss how to manage Google reviews for best results.

Removing Google Reviews

It’s always hard for any business to receive inappropriate or negative Google reviews and it’s even harder to get them removed from Google. It’s better to know how to get a Google review removed well in advance as it will help a lot to act promptly to reduce the level damage it may cause to your reputation. There are certain policies followed by Google to act on reviews flagged as inappropriate.

If you found something written bad about your business, you can report it, and the Google will review that comment and have a final verdict on it. If they find it inappropriate, it will get removed, and if not, you have to reply to such reviews positively, that’s what the only option left before you.

Getting Positive Google Reviews

Having positive Google reviews will always help you improve your brand’s online reputation and thus keep a healthy online presence whenever a customer is looking for your business product or service. Many people have the question how to get more positive Google reviews? The answer is simply that “Ask your customers to write a review.”

The reports suggest that more than 60% of the satisfied customers are ready to leave a positive response if you are requesting them to do so. They not only care just to leave a review, but they truly express their happiness while they get some words about your business written there.